Private lessons are normally held in Pasadena at my home studio. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, for the foreseeable future lessons will be held primarily online using Google Meet, Skype, or FaceTime. Please contact me directly for further information at kimberlyviolist@gmail.com or call/text 541-301-3805.


Rebecca H from Central Point, OR, writes:

“My daughter took violin lessons from Kimberly for 5 years.  Kimberly is consistent, patient and knowledgeable.  She moved at a pace appropriate for my daughter, keeping her challenged, but not overwhelmed.  Also, Kimberly is an excellent musician and performer and attending her performances inspired us.”

Nathaniel S. from San Francisco, CA, writes:

“I’ve been playing violin for 14 years. I took lessons from an instructor until the sixth grade, who was wonderful for beginners, but when I began to become a more advanced violinist, I started taking lessons from Ms. Fitch. I continued taking lessons with her for six years.

Besides introducing me to pieces of music and exercises that were fun and challenging, she found ways to tweak my technique, style of playing, and ability to analyze music to bring out the best in me as an artist. Her knowledge of string instruments is astounding and motivating.

Under her instruction, I landed several jobs and other fantastic experiences as a violinist, most of which I can attribute directly to her as an instructor. She has attained such a wide range of knowledge about string instruments not solely from studying the art, but by working towards mastering the art through experience through her careful and consistent practicing, teaching, and live performances.

I have no experience working with her as a beginner because I began taking lessons with her after seven years of playing; however, I highly recommend Ms. Fitch for any musician who is looking to improve technique, optimize intonation, and/or prepare for future performances while also working with a friendly, charismatic, and passionate instructor.”

Carmen A. in Pasadena, CA, writes:

“Kimberly is an amazing teacher! I love taking classes with her, she’s so knowledgeable and kind and always very positive despite all my mistakes.

I took violin as a kid and I recently decided to give it another shot. Kimberly is walking me through the foundations to solidify the knowledge and also bringing me famous pieces every once in a while so I don’t get bored. Classes are super fun, she really knows how to keep it dynamic so you end up playing a lot of different pieces in one class. Also, she sometimes would play with you, which turned out to be super helpful for me!

She is super flexible with scheduling and also with the length of every lesson. I do 45 minutes every two weeks and it’s always such a great class that I always feel like I’m underpaying her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an good and affordable violin class!”